Welcome to the website for Gliedt's Custom Woodworking.

Our site is currently being remodeled, and will be up and running completely to start off the 2018 New Year.

Please also follow our Facebook page at Gliedt's Custom Woodworking.  We post many albums on that page, of our current and past projects from around the shop, as well as a few from the construction and boatyard years, when we were working in those markets. 

The Facebook page and website are being designed to work together and complement each other.  The Facebook
Page will be interactive with followers, where I like to hear the feedback on our projects, and the website is being designed as our online store, with a bit of background on myself and the various paths my business has take up to this point.

When this page is completed, we will have an "Items for Sale" page, with a variety of things for sale. Some custom projects that I design and build, along with some salvaged marine related items, from my days operating the boat yard. 

My shop has a low annual volume of projects that I take on. This allows me to keep the service and quality high at a reasonable price. I work alone and perform all the design and fabrication work personally.  These days most of the projects that I am involved with are related to the restoration of wooden boats, but any custom carpentry project, that has the ability to incorporate some artwork into the craft, is always of interest to me.  

If you have a project that you are considering, and would like to discuss it with me, I can be reached at any time, by phone or email noted below, and I would be interested in hearing about your project, and how I may be involved in it with you.

Tony Gliedt, owner
Gliedt's Custom Woodworking

Phone  925 516 8717
Email  Tony@Gliedt.com

Gliedt's Custom Woodworking