Welcome to the website for Gliedt's Custom Restorations. 

I operate a small restoration shop, working closely with a small volume of
customers each year, in several specialty vintage markets.  I am hands on from design,
through the fabrication phases, and incorporate specialty subcontractors as required
for consulting or installation services, as the project dictates.

The tabs below are broken down for background on myself, past projects, and things that I
randomly post for sale from time to time.

MEET THE OWNER, is a summary of my past 30 years of business experiences,
which have formed the model for how I operate today.

ITEMS FOR SALE, are antiques and some other restoration projects of mine and in various stages of renovation
which are for sale.

PROJECT ALBUMS, are pages broken into the markets of interest to me that I
work have worked within.

For the current projects around the shop, you can follow my Facebook page where I post updates regularly,
and your interaction is welcome.

I hope you find some of the photos here in the library, inspiring for project!

Tony Gliedt, owner
Gliedt's Custom Restorations

Cell    925 516 8717
Email Tony@Gliedt.com
Facebook Page  Gliedt's Custom Woodworking 

Shipping Location
3520 Orwood Road
Brentwood Ca. 94513

Gliedt's Custom Restorations